tracking problem?

From: Chrysostomos Valderanis <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 18:39:09 +0200

Dear Fluka users,

I am a new Fluka user. I am trying to simulate a proton passing through
a beamline. Unfortunately the proton doesn't make it to the end, and
hits the magnets. I am pretty sure that the positioning of the magnets
and the vacuum regions is correct. The same for the strength and the
direction of the magnetic fields.

So, my question to the list is the following. The only tracking related
card in my input file is the DEFAULTS card with the NEW-DEFA option. Is
this enough for tracking a proton in an area with basically is vacuum
and magnetic fields?

Thank you in advance,

ps. It may or may not be relevant, but whenever I ask a REGION USRBIN
with BEAMPART as is shown in the input file, the outcome is zero,
although in the vizualisation I see the beam passing though the regions.

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