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From: Santana, Mario <msantana_at_SLAC.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 10:20:14 -0700

Hi Makis,

What you are asking to do is possible and it is actually quite common.

You need the following instruction in your magfld.f routine


And then a code that looks like in the example below:

        IF (LATNAM.eq."QU01L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU03L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU05L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU07L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU09L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU11L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU13L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU15L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU17L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU19L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU21L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU23L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU25L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU27L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU29L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU31L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU33L ") THEN
           ck =3D 3.85D-01 * 7.8/7.32 ! effective length=3D7.8 cm
        ELSE IF (LATNAM.eq."QU02L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU04L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU06L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU08L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU10L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU12L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU14L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU16L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU18L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU20L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU22L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU24L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU26L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU28L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU30L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU32L ") THEN
           ck =3D -3.85D-01 * 7.8/7.32 ! effective length=3D7.8 cm
        END IF


Hope this helps,


I am trying to build a geometry with lattice and magnetic fields and I am f=
acing some problems.

First question. My reading of the online courses says that the magnetic
field should only be set for the prototype region. Since I have more
than one magnetic field, I am using a routine (magfld.f). But what
should be written in this file?
-Should I find the prototype regions with GEON2R and set the magnetic field=
s for them?
-Should I find the lattice regions with GEON2R and set the magnetic field =
for the prototype regions they correspond to?
-Should I find the lattice regions and set the magnetic field as it should =
be in the replica area?
For the moment I am using option2 but it doesn't seem to work. Anyway I wou=
ld prefer to calculate
the magnetic field just for the prototypes as it is a much simpler expressi=

Second question. I really would like to be able to set two replicas of
the same prototype to different magnetic fields. Is this possible? How?

Thank you in advance,
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