RE: lattice and magnetic field

From: Chrysostomos Valderanis <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 16:28:13 +0200

Hi again,

I implemented your suggestion. To be fair, I implemented the way I
understood it. But now fluka crashes. It crashes somewhere in the
initialization phase. I tried my input file without magnetic field and
it works. I also tried to comment out different sections of the magfld
routine but it makes no difference. Fluka crashes to the same point. I
scan the out file for signs of problems but I couldn't find any. It
crashes to the point where it tries to give a summary of the lattice
Any hint abount what is going on is very welcomed.

Thank you,


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To: Chrysostomos Valderanis;
Subject: RE: lattice and magnetic field

Hi Makis,

What you are asking to do is possible and it is actually quite common.

You need the following instruction in your magfld.f routine


And then a code that looks like in the example below:

        IF (LATNAM.eq."QU01L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU03L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU05L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU07L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU09L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU11L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU13L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU15L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU17L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU19L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU21L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU23L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU25L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU27L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU29L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU31L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU33L ") THEN
           ck =3D 3.85D-01 * 7.8/7.32 ! effective length=3D7.8 cm
        ELSE IF (LATNAM.eq."QU02L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU04L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU06L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU08L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU10L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU12L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU14L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU16L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU18L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU20L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU22L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU24L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU26L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU28L ".or.
     $ LATNAM.eq."QU30L ".or.LATNAM.eq."QU32L ") THEN
           ck =3D -3.85D-01 * 7.8/7.32 ! effective length=3D7.8 cm
        END IF


Hope this helps,


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