Re: d(d,n) in FLUKA

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 20:04:06 +0200

Dear Brent,

i. there is work ongoing on d+A reaction modeling, but I cannot assure you
that will be finalized in "the near future", considering that d+d is a
case a bit special

ii. of course you can implement a neutron spectrum as source term, by
customizing the source.f user routine provided in the usermvax
directory. The manual documentation (Sec 13.2) will help you to some



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On Sun, 18 Jul 2010, wrote:

> I had just joined the mailing list when I sent this out so I was not sure if
> anyone recevied this message or not. I apologize for any possible duplication.
> I am currently using FLUKA for neutron dosimetry applications at Triangle
> Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) at Duke University. We produce quasi
> mono-energetic neutrons through the d(d,n) reaction using a direct extraction
> negative ion source coupled with a 10 MV Tandem accelerator. Currently, FLUKA
> does not have the d(d,n) reaction cross sections in its database. We are a
> major research laboratory here in the US and this functionality would be very
> useful to use.
> Are there any plans to integrate d(d,n) into FLUKA in the near future? Also is
> there a way that I as a user can "teach" FLUKA d(d,n) myself? I have heard this
> would not be a easy task, but I wanted to check with the developers who know
> this software better first.
> Regards,
> Brent Fallin
> Research Associate
> Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory
> Durham, NC, USA
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