d(d,n) in FLUKA

From: <fallin_at_tunl.duke.edu>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 17:28:35 -0400

I had just joined the mailing list when I sent this out so I was not sure if
anyone recevied this message or not. I apologize for any possible duplication.

I am currently using FLUKA for neutron dosimetry applications at Triangle
Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) at Duke University. We produce quasi
mono-energetic neutrons through the d(d,n) reaction using a direct extraction
negative ion source coupled with a 10 MV Tandem accelerator. Currently, FLUKA
does not have the d(d,n) reaction cross sections in its database. We are a
major research laboratory here in the US and this functionality would be very
useful to use.

Are there any plans to integrate d(d,n) into FLUKA in the near future? Also is
there a way that I as a user can "teach" FLUKA d(d,n) myself? I have heard this
would not be a easy task, but I wanted to check with the developers who know
this software better first.

Brent Fallin
Research Associate
Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory
Durham, NC, USA
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