RE: Ratio of two 2D USRBIN distributions

From: Santana, Mario <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 18:29:24 -0700


I think that there's a fairly automatic way using Flair/gnuplot commands. These are the steps:

1) In Flair, create a usrbin plot for your first map (A), and plot your distribution.
This generates a data file: A.dat
2) Do the same for B. This generates a second data file: B.dat
3) Copy the last instruction from the 'Flair: Output' window.
It will look similar to this: splot 'B.dat' us 1:2:($3*6.502e+08) notitle,'B-geo.dat' ind 0 us 5:3:(0) w l lt -1 lw 0.5 notit
4) Clone C and rename it as AdB
In the lower window for additional gnuplot commands copy the previous instruction and edit it in the following way:
splot "<paste A.dat B.dat" us 1:2:($3/$7) notitle ,'B-geo.dat' ind 0 us 5:3:(0) w l lt -1 lw 0.5 notit
5) Hit the 'plot' option. good luck.

try it, I think that it should work, however, you should make sure that B h=
as no empty bins (to avoid 1/0 errors). moreover, statistical errors will add up.

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Subject: Ratio of two 2D USRBIN distributions

Dear FLUKA experts,

May be this question is related more to FLUKA utils and/or FLAIR:

Let's suppose that there are two 2D distributions of two different
quantities A and B scored by USRBIN on the same binning.

Is there a way to get (automatically) the plot of their ratio - i.e.
A(ix,iy) / B(ix,iy)?

Any suggestions?

Kind regards,
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