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Hi Makis,

there are a certain number of user flags available, that can be used for ma=
ny purposes. By default (i.e. if the
user doesn't change it) the user routine stuprf.f sets the last of those fl=
ags to a number which is unique to each
particle that is loaded on stack. This flag is copied to the variable ISPUS=
R(MKBMX2) in common(TRACKR). Thus, you can use ISPUSR(MKBMX2) to identify e=
ach particle at run time.

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I am trying to calculate programmatially, as a toy problem, the energy
deposition of e.g. a proton passing through copper. I have found in the
archives of the mailing list the way to use the DTRACK(I) variable in
MGDRAW subroutine.

What I haven't found yet is a way to uniquely identify the proton.
What if two protons in the same event pass through the same region. The
JTRACK variable cannot descriminate between them. What variable in
(TRACKR) or in another common can?

Any answer, hint, advice, comment is welcomed,
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