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For PROMPT dose rate you don't define the irradiation profile and then all
what FLUKA can give is the result in pSv/primary
In order to get the dose rate you have to multiply by your 'beam power'
that is, primary/s, for example, if you have a beam of
1E11 e-/s you would multiply your result by this number. Additionally you
would apply the conversion factor to pass from s to h and from pSv to mSv or mrem.

For RESIDUAL dose rate (activation), you tell FLUKA what your power is in
your irradiation profile (and by associating your USRBIN to a decay through
DCYSCORE), so the code can do the normalization for you.
In that case the result is expressed in pSv/s. Then you apply your
additional conversion factors to have dose rate per unit hour, etc.
For instance, in FLAIR you would use 3.6E-4 to obtain your dose rate plots
in mrem/h and 3.6E-6 for mSv/h


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Dear FLUKA experts,

Sorry for a maybe strange/silly question:

Let's define a USRBIN-ing to score dose equivalent through particle type

Combining definition of particle code 240 at manual page 45 and Note 1
for DCYSCORE at page 86 tells that the result will be in [pSv/s] (?).

However, at page 45 it is said to be also "per primary".

Which "primary" is meant? Is there any relation to beam intensity and
irradiation interval defined in IRRPROFIle?

Simply: to what factor (if any) should be the USRBIN quantities
normalized to get [mSv/h] after given irradiation period and decay time
(apart from the obvious conversion of units)?

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