RE: Flair and ROTPRBIN

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 18:36:27 +0200

Dear Makis

I ran your problem and also come to the conclusion that there is
something strange. However I have plotted the two trajectories on the
same graph and realize that the shifted USRBIN is the same trajectory
which has been shifted by 10 m ? I may be wrong but I would except a
different behavior from the ROTPRBIN card : that the scoring really
occurs for particle with z> 10 m not that the results (including z<10
m) be shifted by 10 m... The two trajectories should overlap exactly in
the common scoring region or am I missing something basic ?

Otherwise if you want to "force" flair to use a specific geometry
instead of using the "auto" mode for plotting URSBIN, you could still
use the geometry plotter which create a .dat file and use that file when
you plot your colour map.



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Subject: Flair and ROTPRBIN


In my Fluka input file, I had the need to shift a USRBIN estimator. I
did it using the ROT-DEFI and ROTPRBIN cards. But when I try to
visualize the results through the Plot feature in Flair, what I see is
that only the beam is presented according to the ROT-DEFI card. The
geometry is not shifted at all. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a
way to persuade Flair to show the geometry of the USRBIN,ROT-DEFI

In the attachements you can see that the usr22 and usr23 estimators are
the same with a shift of 10m. But if you plot them you will see that the
geometry is the second case is not shifted.

Thank you in advance,


ps. Of course ROT-DEFI's are not needed to just shift an estimator.
Shifting is the easiest example I could find to present. In reality I
want to rotate an estimator.

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