change the max number of USRTRACK detectors

From: Ioannis Kantemiris <>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 15:50:06 +0300

Dear experts,

I'm trying to increase the maximum number of the USRTRACK detectors.
I changed in the include file USRTRC the MXUSTC (=2500) parameter and then
I tried to recompile all the routines that I want to use (eg fff fluscw.f)
and relink them with fluka.
The recompilation finishes with no errors, but when I'm doing the relink I

Warning: size of symbol `usrtc_' changed from 200024 in fluscw.o to 32024
in /home/yiannis/fluka//libflukahp.a(bdnopt.o)

The flukadpm3 file which is created seems to work like the default one

Any help?

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