Follow-up on the topic: run stopped (UBCHCK) and voxel geometry

From: Zechner Andrea <>
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 13:41:51 +0200

Dear Alfredo,

Thank you for your answer concerning the ubchk error.

I tried now to run the input with the voxel geometry with Cartesian binning
 (USRBIN) and made the bins very large. Nevertheless, the run stopped.

Based on this, new questions arised concerning this problem:

In the attachment I added the two *.err files that are produced out of these
runs (one run is done with protons "protons001.err" and one with neutrons
 "neutrons001.err"). The *.err files contain many warnings or messages;
maybe here you can see something suspicious?

Is it generally possible that I can find out the coordinates of the particle
that causes the run stop? Then I could find out if it is always the same
location / region where something is happen that the simulation doesn't
run further.

The UBCHK error might be related also to the following facts:
The input used for the simulations contains a voxel geometry with 900
different organs and 7D+07 voxels. When I open the input in Flair v0.8.0,
the last 4 organs (VOXEL897 - VOXEL900) are highlighted
in red with a question mark.
Further, in the flair output terminal it is written that these VOXELs
do not exist and that the body "VOXEL" is invalid (see attachment
However, in the output of a FLUKA run, the voxel geometry is identified
correctly and all organs (including VOXEL897 - VOXEL900) are listed
(see attachment fluka_output). The whole geometry can be plotted in the
flukaGUI with out any problem.
Simulations of energy deposition (with Cartesian binning, USRBIN) within
this voxel geometry run through for photons. Simulations of the same voxel
geometry (with Cartesian binning) stop for neutrons, protons and Helium
Simulations without Cartesian binning run through in all cases (ph, p, n, He)
and energy deposition can be scored in the VOXELs 897-900.
Why FLAIR gives these warnings? Is it because something is going wrong
with Flair or is there a serious problem with the voxel geometry?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

PS: Basically I can send you the input, but the corresponding "golem"
(*.vxl file) has around 140MB. How could I accord you this large file?

Re: run stopped (UBCHCK)
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From: Alfredo Ferrari <>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 16:01:30 +0200
Dear Andrea
the message means something went really weird during usrbin scoring.
That routine (ubchck) checks for memory out of bound when scoring
usrbin's. It is nothing depending on the user input unless you
used some "strange" usrbin settings (eg extremely thin bins or similar).
Could you please send the input file and random number resulting in the

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On Mon, 30 Aug 2010, wrote:
> Dear FLUKA experts and users,
> I am trying to run an input containing a voxel geometry surrounded by
> walls (Geometry modelling was done using cutting surfaces as it is
> recommended). In case it plays a role, the beam particles are low energy
> neutrons. The input is running but after a certain number of particles
the run
> stops.
> I receive the following error message written at the end of the *.out and
> .*err file:
> "Abort called from UBCHCK reason IXYZ-1 Run stopped! STOP IXYZ-1"
> The geometry is well checked against errors. The same geometry input ran
> successfully with different voxel geometry some time ago.
> Is the problem associated with the USRBIN cards? Cartesian and region
> are included in the input, but the usage of these cards is ok.
> Could somebody please explain me the reason / meaning of this error
> Thanks in advance!
> Andrea Zechner
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