Re: problem of input

From: George Kharashvili <>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 15:11:14 -0500

Dear Hamideh,

I noticed several issues with your input file, but there might be more
that I missed.

1. EMFCUT - you have it set "from concrete to iron", instead of "from
iron to concrete" (iron is material #11, unless you overwrite it and
concrete is material #27 in your problem).
2. You do not have PHOTONUC card (turns on photonuclear interactions)
and therefore you should not expect to see neutrons.
3. I do not think you can score DOSE-EQ using SCORE card. For scoring
dose equivalent you must use a fluence estimator (USRTRACK, USRBDX,
particular cases of USRBIN) in combination with AUXSCORE card with
appropriate dose conversion coefficient set in SDUM.
4. Comments in your input file are misleading:
   - "Boundary crossing current in the middle of the target (log
intervals, one-way)" - There is no boundary crossing in the middle of
your target because your target is one region and boundary is defined
between 2 regions. Your USRBDX (WHAT(1) = 109.0) is actually set for
two-way scoring (not one way) fluence (not current) between regSH3 and
   - "Tracklength fluence inside the target, Upstream part and
Downstream part" - Again, the target is one region and upstream and
downstream parts don't exist. Your USRTRACK cards are set to score
fluences in regVA2.
5. Since you have single bin in your USRTRACK for photons, you won't be
able to plot your example_usrtrack_48_tab.lis However, if you look at
example_usrtrack_48_sum.lis you will have some numbers there that are
different from 0.
Also, after you add PHOTONUC and make other changes, you'll probably
want to call your photon detector phFluen and neutron detector nFluen,
not vise versa and score particle fluences up to 3 GeV instead of 2 GeV,
since you start with 3-GeV electrons.

   - George

On 11/7/2010 2:24 AM, Hamideh Jalali wrote:
> Dear FLUKA users
> I've programmed an input with a simple geometry to score neutron and
> photon fluence but all the results got zero. please help me to find
> the problem.
> Thanks In Advance
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