USRBIN processing

From: beatrice pomaro <>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 17:21:30 +0100

       I have some problems with the processing of USRBIN scoring card.
I leave in attachment my input file: my specific problem is the
scoring of neutron fluence on a concrete shielding. I ran 1E06
particles and I managed to do the file processing and see the maps,
however I can not anymore (with the same input file); I really can
not see where the problem is: the shell gives the message "killed"
when using usbsuw while flair at the moment of processing the USRBIN
files says:"Please check output for possible error on files: ...
usrbin_30 and usrbin_31" .
Actually I see no error messages in the .out and .err and .log files.
The geometry, too, seems to be correct.

Thank you in advance,

Beatrice Pomaro

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