RE: Geometry with SIMPLEGEO

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 21:19:29 +0000

Hello Beatrice,

if you are talking about 3D CAD geometries then yes, it is possible. However,
it is not possible to export them to FLUKA due to missing support on the FLUKA side.

If you refer to 2D CAD drawings (ground plans, maps etc.) then it will be
possible with the next version to use them as a template/sketch to check your
geometry against. An example is already shown in the gallery


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Subject: Geometry with SIMPLEGEO

Dear Fluka users,
           is it possible to import geometry in SimpleGeo from AutoCAD?
I see it is possible to export as a CAD file (.dxf), I wonder if it
is possible to do viceversa.
Thank you in advance,


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