RE: why region w25 and w26 always score 0 value of deposited energy

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 08:18:24 +0000

Dear Danny
I think the problem you encounter is related to the way you define your geometry.
You are using RPP with overlapping surfaces. You could do the same thing using a
single RPP and infinite plans to slice the RPP instead. Overlapping surface are
causing troubles to particle tracking and could explain why you see no deposited energy
in some regions (I debugged you geometry wit=
h SimpleGeo and found overlapping region at the planes in questions...).

Also two more general comments:
1) your geometry is split only for scoring purpose (no material or biasing
changes between regions), note that you could obtain the same thing using a
Cartesian usrbin. Also using USRBIN you could combine the results from
several runs easily and obtain the statistical errors....
2) When sending files to the FLUKA list, please attach a tar file with the
files of interest rather than copy/pasting in the email directly as the
formatting get lost...
Let me know if it does not resolve your problem

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Subject: why region w25 and w26 always score 0 value of deposited energy

Hi everyone,

In my work,I want to score PDD in water.So I create 30 layers in
water,each of which with a volume of 1cm*1cm*1cm,named w1,w2,...,w30
respectively.The particle source is photon.However,no matter how great
the primaries are, value of deposited energy in region w25 and w26
always show 0.I have checked this for many times,but I couldn't make it
out.What's the matter?By the way,now I am using SCORE card to score
deposited energy.Which card may be better to score PDD?The input file
and output file are attached to this letter.
Any suggestion is appreciable.Thanks.

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