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Dear Ertan
To complete Paola answer I draw your attention on questions which were
discussed in the past on the list and especially on answers from Alberto
who did calculations for light sources (FEL or SR...) using spectrum
from Genesis
Look at the attachment in the following posts


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Dear Ertan
You do not neet to sample a time dependence in the source. Fluka will in
any case treat each photon independently from the others. What you should
sample is the energy spectrum of the photons, but this is not in your
genesis files.
( of course if I understand correctly)
> Dear Experts
> Sender:
> I obtained the power vs time data by using genesis.
> I want to add the power sampling (using genesis output (power vs time)) in
> the my source file.
> How I can do this?
> Thanks for helps.
> Ertan ARIKAN

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