Re: Release of Fluka2011.2

From: 邓敏维 <>
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2011 14:18:09 +0200

Dear all,

I have downloaded and installed this new version of FLUKA.But I still
can't run.It says,in the ERROR in the output file,"This version is
obsolete...".In the CHECK FOR UPDATES in FLAIR,it shows that my FLUKA
installed version is 2011.2,and the web version is 2011.2.0.Why can't I
run since I have installed 2011.2 version of FLUKA?
What's more,in the CHECK FOR UPDATES in FLAIR,it shows my FLAIR
installed version is 0.9.0,and the web version is 0.9.2.So I have
downloaded flair-0.9.2 noarch.rpm in the website.During the process of
installation of it,"flair= 0.9-0 is needed by package
flair-geoviewer-0.9-0.i386" came to me.So I downloaded
flair-geoviewer-0.9-0.i386,and during its installation
process,"flair=0.9-2 is needed by package
flair-geoviewer-0.9-2.i386(/flair-geoviewer-0.9-2.i386)" came to me.I
couldn't install FLAIR-0.9.2 and flair-geoviewer.
Any ideas on how to solve all these problems will be helpful.

Best regards,
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