RE: Boltzmann Master Equation (BME)

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 16:20:25 +0000

Dear Manuel,
What version of FLUKA are you using (you can find this version by
looking at the Version.tag file in your $FLUPRO directory) ?
If you are not using, the FLUKA 2011.2.1 release please download it as
previous versions are now obsolete. Note also that BME treatment for
heavy ions is only available in the distributed version starting
2011.****, so it might be the reason why you are not observing any echo
referring to BME in your output file.
You do not need to link BME library as it is already in FLUKA by
default. Note that in the new release you must use IONTRANS card and
that EVENTYPE is not supported anymore...


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Subject: Boltzmann Master Equation (BME)

Dear FLUKA users,

I'm currently simulating with C-12 ions using the DPMJET and RQMD modules.
I do this by using an executable created via the ldpm3qmd commando.
I also include DPMJET in the EVENTYPE card.

I read in the following fluka-course slides:
that DPMJET works for energies > 5 GeV, RQMD works for energies between
0.1 GeV and 5 GeV, and Boltzman Master Equation (BME) works for Energies <
0.1 GeV.

When I check my outputfiles I just can find the initializiation of DPMJET
and RQMD. I can't find anything concerning BME. But BME is for me of
particular interest since I'm also simulating C-12 ions with energies
below 0.1 GeV.

Is the BME module running anyways (maybe by default) or do I have to turn
it ON somehow? I can't find it in the manual or any other documentations.

Best regards,

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