Charged hadrons

From: Jean-Emmanuel Groetz <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2011 15:15:16 +0200

Dear Fluka users,

In my problem, iron ions at 1 GeV/u irradiate flaskettes with a cell
culture inside them. In front of every flaskette, there is a thin cover
slip made up of soda lime glass.
Since ion fragmentation could take place (linking the DPMJET/RQMD event
generators for enabling ion-ion interaction), several scorings were used
to define the contributions from particles, i.e heavy ions, photons
electrons, alpha, protons... I also used estimators to score charged
hadrons contribution.

My question is: what particles are included in charged hadrons?
In my mind, these are heavy ions (Z between 3 and 26), protons, alpha
and other particles such as pions(+), pions(-), also kaons(+/-).

Many thanks in advance,

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