fluka2011.2.4 (respin of fluka2011.2), gfortran version as well

From: Alfredo Ferrari <alfredo.ferrari_at_cern.ch>
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011 16:04:04 +0200

Dear Fluka users

fluka2011.2.4 is now available on the web site. There are no real change
wrt 2011.2.3, apart quite a few "technical" changes in the scripts etc in
order to fulfill the 2nd part of this announcement, that is besides the
usual g77 version, a gfortran (gfortran >= 4.4), 64 bit, version is now
also tentatively available.

The changes are:

a) several minor changes with no impact on physics in order to satisfy
     gfortran idiosincracies
b) the code will now "stamp" every minute a temporary file, .timer.out,
     in the working directory in order to make easy for Flair to detect
     if the run is progressing (avoiding spurious "timeout" messages)
c) the scripts fff and lfluka have been deeply reworked to be compatible
     with the gfortran version

Since some code cleanup in dpmjet(2) could cause a different random
sequence, all users are kindly invited to use the new respin, independent
on their need for the gfortran, 64 bit, version. Assistance will be
provided for the latest respin only as usual.

The gfortran version should still be considered somewhat of a beta
version, please report any issue.

The download of the source code will be shortly reactivated. Due to the
change of license which took place with the 2011.2 release filling again
the relevant form could be required.

Below a snapshot of the (updated) release notes concerning the
g77/gfortran versioning:


The gfortran (64 bits) version is for x86_64 machines and cannot be run
on 32 bit architectures. The FLUKA scripts recognize which version the
user is running according to the following:

a) The FLUFOR environmental variable, which can take the values "g77"
     or "gfortran"
b) If FLUFOR is not set, if the directory name contain the "gfor" string
     gfortran is assumed, g77 otherwise
c) If gfortran is selected by means of a) or b), the additional variable
     GFORFLU can be set to specify the specific version of gfortran to be
     used if more than one is available. Please note that gfortran >= 4.4
     is required. For example, if on your machine "gfortran" points to a
     version < 4.4, and "gfortran44" points to version 4.4, you can set
     GFORFLU to "gfortran44" and happily use the FLUKA gfortran (64 bits)

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