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Subject: RE: USRBIN estimator with region binning
Thread-Topic: USRBIN estimator with region binning
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Hi Mina,=0A=
if you select the region USRBIN then you can enter 3 ranges of regions with=
  a variable step. You will see them appearing in flair as=0A=
R1from: xxx R1to:xxx Step1: xxx=0A=
Default for step is 1=0A=
You have to remember that the from:to range has to be in the same order as =
is in the input file.=0A=
You did the right thing to create a plot and try to super impose it on the =
data. However if in the plot appears only one region, gnuplot doesn't reall=
y like it and gives this error message. Please ensure that the plot covers =
at least a couple of regions. In case you cannot succeed please send me the=
  input and the flair project to check.=0A=
Vasilis Vlachoudis=0A=
From: Alberto Fasso' [fasso_at_slac.stanford.edu]=0A=
Sent: 16 August 2011 15:38=0A=
To: fluka-discuss_at_fluka.org=0A=
Cc: Mina Nozar; Vasilis Vlachoudis=0A=
Subject: Re: USRBIN estimator with region binning=0A=
Hi Mina,=0A=
> My first question concerns "R1from" and "R1to". Does this mean that all =
regions defined in the=0A=
> input file between the two regions set to R1from and R1to will be include=
d as "bins" in this=0A=
> estimator? i.e. if I have the following regions defined in my input file=
> rBeWin 5 +bBeWin=0A=
> rTaConv 5 +bTaConv=0A=
> rAlWin 5 +bAlWin=0A=
> rdUC3Tgt 5 +bdUC3Tgt=0A=
> Question:=0A=
> Will there be 4 bins in the usrbin estimator, one for each of the above=
> regions?=0A=
Yes, if the step is equal to 1 (default). If the step was for instance 3, t=
only rBeWin and rdUC3Tgt would be considered as bins. You only indicated 4=
regions, but if there were many more, every third region would be considere=
as a bin.=0A=
I see that you are using FLAIR: I have never used FLAIR for region binning,=
I have just tried and I have noticed that it does not allow you to define=
a step "From region X to region Y in steps of Z". In my opinion, this is an=
error in FLAIR, therefore I copy Vasilis Vlachoudis, the FLAIR author, to=
see if he can correct it.=0A=
In the meantime you can still edit the input file yourself: the step for=0A=
the first region set is WHAT(4) of the second line, the step for the second=
is WHAT(5), and the step of the third set is WHAT(6).=0A=
The rest of your mail is strictly related to FLAIR, and in particular to=0A=
Gnuplot, with both of which I am not very familiar. I hope that Vasilis wil=
look into it as well when he is back from vacation (don't forget that in Eu=
most people are on vacation in August).=0A=
Best regards,=0A=
> Problem:=0A=
> When trying to look at the distribution, I get the following message:=0A=
> "=0A=
> Plot of Region or Special binning has been requested, however no geometry=
  to plot-onto has been=0A=
> selected. -Auto- or 'No' plot cannot not work with this type of binning. =
  Please create first a=0A=
> geometry plot.=0A=
> "=0A=
> Then I plot and save the default geom plot (Green projection which is the=
  X-Z projection in my case)=0A=
> and try again. This time, I get a message saying:=0A=
> "=0A=
> Please check the Output window for error messages from gnuplot.=0A=
> "=0A=
> The error message says:=0A=
> <e< Warning: empty cb range [-1.70498:-1.70498], adjusting to [-1.68793:-=
> <e< gnuplot> splot 'EBeam_PhotonDist_Region.dat' ind 1 us 5:3:7 notitle ,=
'Green.dat' ind 0 us=0A=
> 5:3:(0) w l ls 1 notit,'' ind 2 us 5:3:(0):6 w labels noenhancedoffset 0,=
.3 point ps 0.7 pt 11 tc lt=0A=
> 0 font '' notitle=0A=
> <e<=0A=
> <e< line 0: ';' expected=0A=
> Can someone please help me get around this problem?=0A=
> Thank you in advance,=0A=
> Mina=0A=
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