Re: USRBIN estimator with region binning

From: Alberto Fasso' <fasso_at_SLAC.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 06:38:33 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Mina,

> My first question concerns "R1from" and "R1to". Does this mean that all regions defined in the
> input file between the two regions set to R1from and R1to will be included as "bins" in this
> estimator? i.e. if I have the following regions defined in my input file,
> rBeWin 5 +bBeWin
> rTaConv 5 +bTaConv
> rAlWin 5 +bAlWin
> rdUC3Tgt 5 +bdUC3Tgt
> Question:
> Will there be 4 bins in the usrbin estimator, one for each of the above
> regions?

Yes, if the step is equal to 1 (default). If the step was for instance 3, then
only rBeWin and rdUC3Tgt would be considered as bins. You only indicated 4
regions, but if there were many more, every third region would be considered
as a bin.
I see that you are using FLAIR: I have never used FLAIR for region binning, but
I have just tried and I have noticed that it does not allow you to define
a step "From region X to region Y in steps of Z". In my opinion, this is an
error in FLAIR, therefore I copy Vasilis Vlachoudis, the FLAIR author, to
see if he can correct it.
In the meantime you can still edit the input file yourself: the step for
the first region set is WHAT(4) of the second line, the step for the second set
is WHAT(5), and the step of the third set is WHAT(6).

The rest of your mail is strictly related to FLAIR, and in particular to
Gnuplot, with both of which I am not very familiar. I hope that Vasilis will
look into it as well when he is back from vacation (don't forget that in Europe
most people are on vacation in August).

Best regards,


> Problem:
> When trying to look at the distribution, I get the following message:
> "
> Plot of Region or Special binning has been requested, however no geometry to plot-onto has been
> selected. -Auto- or 'No' plot cannot not work with this type of binning. Please create first a
> geometry plot.
> "
> Then I plot and save the default geom plot (Green projection which is the X-Z projection in my case)
> and try again. This time, I get a message saying:
> "
> Please check the Output window for error messages from gnuplot.
> "
> The error message says:
> <e< Warning: empty cb range [-1.70498:-1.70498], adjusting to [-1.68793:-1.72203]
> <e< gnuplot> splot 'EBeam_PhotonDist_Region.dat' ind 1 us 5:3:7 notitle ,'Green.dat' ind 0 us
> 5:3:(0) w l ls 1 notit,'' ind 2 us 5:3:(0):6 w labels noenhancedoffset 0,.3 point ps 0.7 pt 11 tc lt
> 0 font '' notitle
> <e<
> <e< line 0: ';' expected
> Can someone please help me get around this problem?
> Thank you in advance,
> Mina
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