RE: Using res. nuc. inventory for different shielding config.

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 06:09:30 +0000

Hi Thomas
I think that what you suggest is in the spirit of the second step of
Stefan "old" 2 step methods to compute residual dose rate. Maybe now
this would be easier to write as the routines and the data necessary to
sample the particles emitted by the radioactive decay are already
built-in the code. So if I had to write such a routine this with what I
would start but as I am not a guru this would most likely take time !

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Dear all,

the suggestion of Joachim raises an interesting further question:

With the HI-PROPE card one can sample emissions from one isotope, would
it be possible to write a source.f - routine which handles sampling
gamma- and beta emissions from different isotopes (which would need to
be enumerated within the routine or in a data file, together with their
relative abundances). If yes, maybe one of the FLUKA-authors or gurus
could provide a sample routine ?

Best regards, Thomas

On 09.09.2011 16:33, Joachim Vollaire wrote:
> Dear Mina,
> If you want to try different shielding configuration I would do as suggested
> by Thomas in your earlier post and identify the relevant isotopes analytically
> using the gamma-constant. Then for each relevant isotopes (or each typeof
> emitters for the sake of simplicity ?) I would do a calculation with a
> cylindrical or Cartesian source depending on the shape of your gas container,
> and use the HI-PROPE card to specify which isotope decay to consider (primary
> will be sampled from the isotope decay...). Then you can know for example that
> for each Bq of decay of a given isotope homogeneously distributed insideyour
> gas container you associate a given dose rate on contact of your shielding...
> Hope this help
> Joachim
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