Re: Separating out activity from gaseous residual nuclei

From: Mina Nozar <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 11:21:40 -0700

Dear Thomas and Joachim,

Thank you for your responses.

I have been doing post processing with the outputs of the res. nuclei
estimator for isotope production, activities, and
dose rates (mainly to look at the time evolution of activities and dose
rates) so I can do what you have suggested. Is
there a table of gamma factors for rare isotopes? Fluka must have a
list/table already, no?

Thanks and best wishes,

On 11-09-08 11:59 PM, Thomas Otto wrote:
> You can write an offline program which filters the relevant lines,
> identified by A and Z, from the average output files from RESNUC
> generated by usrsuw.f . Since the gases are collected in a container,
> you can get an estimate of the (ambient) dose rate by multiplying the
> activities thus obtained with the gamma-constant, i.e. the dose rate per
> unit activity, and with 1/distance^2.
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