Re: Normalization of dose and fluence in USRBIN

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Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 06:43:44 -0700 (PDT)


> So I am basically wondering if dose and fluence are normalised by unit volume
> or not.

the answer is very simple:

dose and fluence are normalised by unit volume in two cases:
1) when bin volumes are easily calculated by the code (Cartesian, R-Z)
2) when using the SCORE command and region volumes have been input by the user
     at the end of the geometry input

they are not normalized by volume in all other cases, in particular in region


On Thu, 22 Sep 2011, Sanchez Parcerisa, Daniel wrote:

> Quote from FLUKA manual
> 5) Energy deposition will be expressed in GeV per cm3 per unit primary
> weight. Doses will be expressed in GeV/g per unit primary weight. To
> obtain dose in Gy, multiply GeV/g by 1.602176462E-7
> 8) Fluence will be expressed in particles/cm2 per unit primary weight.
> 13) The results from USRBIN are normalised per unit volume and per unit
> primary weight, except for region binnings and special user-defined
> binnings, which are normalised per unit primary weight only, for
> DPA, which are given as number of displacements per atom per unit
> primary weight, averaged over the bin volume, and for dose
> equivalent, expressed as pSv per unit primary weight.
> So I am basically wondering if dose and fluence are normalised by unit volume or not.
> The absorbed dose in XYZ binning, in my simulation, seems not to be normalised
> per unit value (i.e., when I multiply the dose by the total primary weight
> I get the expected point dose (from the plan). However, when I look at absorbed
> dose in region binning, the value is smaller, and only if I divide it by the volume of
> the region, does it make sense. But that seems to be against what I interpret
> from the manual, can anyone clarify? How do I have to take into account
> the volume of the region when I compare results from different binning styles?
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