Re: Normalization of dose and fluence in USRBIN

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Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 10:36:53 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry, in my answer I forgot one thing:

> dose and fluence are normalised by unit volume in two cases:
> 1) when bin volumes are easily calculated by the code (Cartesian, R-Z)
> 2) when using the SCORE command and region volumes have been input by the user
> at the end of the geometry input

3) when calculating fluences with USRTRACK or USRCOLL, and the user has input
     the region volume as WHAT(5)


> they are not normalized by volume in all other cases, in particular in region
> binning.
> Alberto
> On Thu, 22 Sep 2011, Sanchez Parcerisa, Daniel wrote:
>> Quote from FLUKA manual
>> 5) Energy deposition will be expressed in GeV per cm3 per unit primary
>> weight. Doses will be expressed in GeV/g per unit primary weight. To
>> obtain dose in Gy, multiply GeV/g by 1.602176462E-7
>> 8) Fluence will be expressed in particles/cm2 per unit primary weight.
>> 13) The results from USRBIN are normalised per unit volume and per unit
>> primary weight, except for region binnings and special user-defined
>> binnings, which are normalised per unit primary weight only, for
>> DPA, which are given as number of displacements per atom per unit
>> primary weight, averaged over the bin volume, and for dose
>> equivalent, expressed as pSv per unit primary weight.
>> So I am basically wondering if dose and fluence are normalised by unit volume or not.
>> The absorbed dose in XYZ binning, in my simulation, seems not to be normalised
>> per unit value (i.e., when I multiply the dose by the total primary weight
>> I get the expected point dose (from the plan). However, when I look at absorbed
>> dose in region binning, the value is smaller, and only if I divide it by the volume of
>> the region, does it make sense. But that seems to be against what I interpret
>> from the manual, can anyone clarify? How do I have to take into account
>> the volume of the region when I compare results from different binning styles?
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