Re: Dose rates from certain regions only

From: Mina Nozar <>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 12:06:20 -0700

Dear Mario,

Thank you. I see the behaviour you have described below after setting up four sets of runs:

1) rTaConv "off", rdUCxTgt "off" Where "off" means setting the sixth entry of the ASSIGNMA to Vacuum.
2) rTaConv "off", rdUCxTgt "on"
3) rTaConv "on", rdUCxTgt "off"
4) rTaConv "on", rdUCxTgt "on"

I looked at res. nuclei production rate as well as gamma dose rate in each of the two regions in each of the above

I see

- That the nuclei inventory in the regions are the same regardless of the decay material setting.

- No gamma dose rates in either rTaConv or rdUCxTgt in case 1.
- Some dose rate in rTaConv from activation in rdUCxTgt in case 2.
- Some dose rate in rdUCxTgt due to activation in rTaConv in case 3.

This means there is no tracking of decay gammas through vacuum regions; however, since usrtrack reports sum of the track
lengths of the decay gammas going through a volume, there is one track to sum over since the gammas are not interacting
in that volume/region (no eloss, attenuation, etc.). True?

Best wishes,

On 11-09-24 06:18 PM, Santana, Mario wrote:
> Hi Mina,
> For your problem, if in the sixth entry(s) of the material assignment(s) for your target region(s) you write VACUUM, then
> 1) You will still obtain the nuclei inventory in the target region(s) if you have a RESNUCL card that refers to them
> 2) The decay gammas from the target will NOT contribute to the residual dose rate. The gammas from the target are created but not
> tracked.
> 3) The target will be transparent for the decay gammas from the tantalum converter. The target will be like vacuum during the
> transport phase of the residual gammas.
> Mario
> On Sep 20, 2011, at 3:31 PM, Mina Nozar wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> In one of our setups, we have a Tantalum Ta) converter (region: rTaConv)for (g --> gamma) conversion
>> and a depleted Uranium Carbide target (region: rdUCxTgt)
>> Suppose we are only interested in the time evolution of the dose rate from the decay of the residual nuclei produced in
>> the Ta converter and not the target. Will setting the Mat(Decay) for rdUCxTgt to Vacuum accomplish this?
>> Also, will the residual nuclei produced in rdUCxTgt be zero as well?
>> Thanks and best wishes,
>> Mina
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