Heavy ion beams in fluka2011.2-linux-gfor64bit-gcc451-AA

From: Senger, Anna Dr. <A.Senger_at_gsi.de>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 14:20:08 +0100

Dear FLUKA experts,
I try different heavy ion beams. With Au-beam I had the problem which I already reported

( Abort called from rrqmd reason rqmd event are being rejected too often
Run stopped!
  STOP rqmd event are being rejected too often)

but if I take Hg- or U-beam, I have other problem:

Program received signal 8 (SIGFPE): Floating-point exception.

Backtrace for this error:
   + /usr/lib/libgfortran.so.3(+0x16226) [0x7f7ee1d61226]
   + /usr/lib/libgfortran.so.3(+0x17ade) [0x7f7ee1d62ade]
   + /usr/lib/libgfortran.so.3(+0x1696a) [0x7f7ee1d6196a]
   + /lib/libc.so.6(+0x321e0) [0x7f7ee15841e0]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x75d598]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x6e4438]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x67cf9f]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x68df02]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x6786bc]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x414a5e]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0xb1a64a]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0xc11df2]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x95b5e2]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x8268a7]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x80aafb]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x40c98c]
   + /lib/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xfd) [0x7f7ee1570c4d]
   + /lustre/cbm/user/kisselan/fluka/flukadpm3() [0x40c889]

Is there any limits for heavy ion beams (A or/and Z) in new FLUKA?

Best regards
Anna Senger
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