Re: Optical photons

From: Joseph Comfort <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 12:26:40 -0700

Hi Sophie,

Thank you for your helpful comments. I am a bit new to working with
optical photons, and am still learning. I was able to make some
calculations that made some sense -- but then not entirely so. With the
difficulty I have in finding solid information about all of the material
properties that can be put into the code (for pure CsI), as well as
variations on these properties due to fabrication, etc., I doubt that I
will ever be able to have a full treatment.

The underlying goal is to see how neutrons (all the way up to hundreds
of MeV or a few GeV) behave differently from photons (strongly at low
energies and decreasing rapidly up to a few GeV). So I am using simple
beams of these particles incident straight on a crystal. I have
surrounded the crystal with perfectly reflecting metal (not entirely
unrealistic), except at the end. Although both particles are neutral,
e+/- and other charged particles can be generated (and n = 1.95). But
you are right that scintillation dominates.

My photon beam results seem generally OK, but the neutron results seem
puzzling. But maybe that is the way they are. I'll have to think some

[Paola, I think I sent my response to you only instead of to the list.
Sorry about that. Maybe you can get it posted.]

Thank you,
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