Re: How to calculate dose?

From: Vittorio Boccone <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:21:40 +0200

Dear Vahan,
the use of "eq99c.f" is deprecated since Fluka 2008, where the dose
equivalent scoring has been integrated into the code, using the
generalized particle type DOSE-EQ.

I think you might have very old version of FLUKA (and its manual), get
the new one as soon as possible and look for the new features of FLUKA
in the release notes. You can get always get an overview of the new
features by looking at the slides of the FLUKA courses (about 1-2 per
year) on our website:

For your question check the slides of the scoring lecture of one of the
last course:
and example on how to score the equivalent dose is show on (slide 30).

Let me know if this solves your issue


   On 13/06/2012 13:15, Vahan Petrosyan wrote:
> Hi I am continuing my education in FLUKA and first of all I want to
> express my acknowledgment to everyone who helped me.
> I came across to another problem. I read almost all articles about
> dose calculation but non of them helped me.
> I want to calculate dose outside of my concrete wall inside which beam
> with 20Mev energy hits the iron targed.
> How should I use user routine deq99c.f and where can I find it?
> Routine deq99c.f is not included under usrmvax directory in which user
> routines of fluka exist.
> Is dose calculation done with USERWEIG card with weight parameter set
> to FLUSCW?
> As I understand in order to use user routines I should compile
> deq99c.f routine in compile section and then use created executable
> in the Override options ( Exe ) of Flair Run section. After that all
> outputs of USRTRACK or USRBIN card will be automatically converted to
> dose plot.
> Am I right?
> Below I attached my input file. Thanks!
> I am using flair in virtualbox.

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