Re: [FLUKA] Secondary electron emission

From: Vittorio Boccone <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:25:54 +0200

Dear Stefano,
    try to get the new version of flair, it should not be marked as an
error anymore.
On 13/06/2012 19:42, Stefano Sinigardi wrote:
> Dear Alfredo,
> thanks a lot for your help. My input file is attached (I hope it works!)
> Flair is telling me that there's an error in the EMFCUT, but it runs
> correctly and also those values were set from Flair itself...
> Anyway, I hope I'm on the right path with what I need to do...
> At the moment I'm just trying to figure out if multiplying by the
> solid angle and the bin width the number that I get using fluence is
> "really" the number of electrons that are created per primary particle
> (proton). I'm not sure about that also because I think that the manual
> is not fully clear on fluence vs current.
> Now I'll also need a way to extract the phase space details of the
> protons
> and the electrons (x, y, z, px, py, pz) and another way to use a
> similar distribution as an input beam... But I'll work on that in the
> following days, if you can confirm that, as a basis, this input file
> should work to describe delta electron production from the
> interaction of a proton beam on a copper target.
> Best regards,
> Stefano

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