Re: simulation of synchrotron radiation

From: Vittorio Boccone <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 23:36:34 +0200

Hi Hamideh,
   you want to have an electron beam bent by a magnetic field and the
synchrotron radiation at the same time?
Do I understand correctly?

If you want to do so you must respec the weight and the proportion
between the primary electron and the synchrotron radiation photons.
Therefore you need to modify the special source routine you find in the
FLUKA discussion thread you found.

Check the POLARIZAti card in the manual (look for the example).

On 17/06/2012 08:20, Hamideh Jalali wrote:
> Dear FLUKA users,
> I'm going to simulate synchrotron radiation but as I searched FLUKA is not
> able to do so.
> Instead using subroutine source with a certain synchrotron radiation
> spectrum, is it correct if the electron beam is bent in magnetic field by
> using MGNFIELD card and then I score produced photons by usrbin. Can these
> photons be called synchrotron radiation?
> Best Regards
> H. Jalali

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