Re: simulation of synchrotron radiation

From: Vittorio Boccone <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 16:41:34 +0200

Then the answer is no - as Sunil (and Alberto in the thread before)
already pointed out.

FLUKA does not support generation of Synchrotron light.


On 19/06/2012 10:16, Hamideh Jalali wrote:
> Dear Vittorio
> Thanks for your response. As you know synchrotron radiation is
> produced when electron beam bend in magnetic field.
> I want to know whether any photon is produced just by bending electron
> beam in vacuum (by using MGNFIELD card for bending the beam) and
> without any interaction, since in vacuum bremsstrahlung radiation
> doesn't emerge can synchrotron radtaion be produced?
> I can use the source routine when I have the spectrum of synchrotron
> radiation but I don't have such a this right now. I want to ّfind this
> spectrum in first step.
> Kind Regards
> Hamideh
> On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 2:06 AM, Vittorio Boccone <
> <>> wrote:
> Hi Hamideh,
> you want to have an electron beam bent by a magnetic field and the
> synchrotron radiation at the same time?
> Do I understand correctly?
> If you want to do so you must respec the weight and the proportion
> between the primary electron and the synchrotron radiation photons.
> Therefore you need to modify the special source routine you find
> in the
> FLUKA discussion thread you found.
> Check the POLARIZAti card in the manual (look for the example).
> V.
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