Re: What I get from USERTRACK if particle type is DOSE-EQ?

From: Mina Nozar <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 16:51:27 -0700

Hello Vahan,

USRTRACK + DOSE-EQ: Dose equivalent in a given region
USRBDX + DOSE-EQ: Dose equivalent crossing the boundary between two regions

Units in both cases (for prompt radiation):
pSv/GeV/prim - from the tab.lis file, plotting DOSE-EQ as y vs Eenergy as x.
pSv/prim - from the tab.lis file, plotting DOSE-EQ*Energy as y*dx vs Energy as x.

For residual radiation, units are pSv/GeV/s and pSv/s

But as Alberto has mentioned:

"I call your attention to the fact that, while it is always useful to look
for an energy spectrum of fluence, it is usually less useful to look for
a "spectrum of dose equivalent". What you want is its integral between two
energies (the units for your integral dose equivalent will be pSv/prim,
and you get rid of "GeV")."

You will get this from the sum.lis file which is: sum[(E(i+1)-E(i))*DE(i)] over all energy bins defined in your
estimator card.

Hope this helps,

On 12-06-18 05:16 AM, Vahan Petrosyan wrote:
> Hi I calculated Equivalent Dose by using usrbin card with part type setto DOSE-EQ. I was able to plot DOSE vs. Distant
> of source by using 1D plot of Usrbin card.
> I just want to understand what I get If USERTRACK and USRBDX card switched on with part type DOSE-EQ.?
> In result plot what is on Y vertical and on X horizontal axes?
> I attached my input file.
> Thanks!
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