Re: Installing Fluka on Windows 7

From: Devesh Raj <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 12:21:33 +0530

Dear Laura,

You can work with fluka on windows using FLUPIX.
I have run it on Win_XP_32bit and I am sure it
will work on win7 also.
First read the following link.
Then install
If it installs well then down load
Now as you have already read installation
instructions on
you shall be able to make flupix working.

It is not difficult (10-15 minutes job) but it
may take some time ( one day) if you are doing
it first time but you will be able to do.

Devesh Raj

On 20/Aug/2012 21:09, Laura Agrusti wrote:
> Hello, I am Laura Agrusti, a graduate student in physics at Bicocca
> University of Milan. I need to estimate the probabilities of rinculi of Freon nuclei
> after interaction with neutrons for an experiment on dark matter search. My PC has Windows 7
> and I want to Know how Fluka does work on Windows 7... May you help me?
> Sincerely yours,
> Laura
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