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You must have used IRRPROFI as well, haven't you?
It is there were you input the beam intensity so that FLUKA can express results
in Bq/cm^3 units (not including /pr). As far as I know there's no default for
that card and if you link RESNUCLEi to DCYTIMES through DCYSCORE the
simulation will crash if you haven't specified at least one irradiation profile in IRRPROFI.


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Subject: Induced activity

Dear fluka users,

I would have few questions about induced activity and its fluka cards.
I used :
- RESNUCLEi card to score isotopes yields. Correct me if I'm wrong, the sum.lis
and/or the tabl.lis files give me the yield in nuclei/cm3/pr (I set the volume region).
- DCYTIMES, RESNUCLEi and DCYSCORE combined cards provide me the activity (Bq/cm3) in my region of interest.
How does fluka calculate this activity ?

Thank you in advance for your help,

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