Some Explanation of FLUKA results is Requested !

From: 파르자나아호마드 <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 18:18:11 +0900

 Nov 14th , 2012


Dear Fluka Users,



As the general User of the Fluka MC code, we are sending you this mail.

We hope that some one will  kindly respond to our question.

For the detection of fast neutron, we inserted a fast neutrons in the energy range of En = 20 MeV onto the Polyethylene ?convertor and evaluated the response via  FLUKA and GEANT 4 MC codes. ( The Results are attached as EXECL File).

The results are taken via GEANT4 and FLUKA separately,  however If you have a look into the results , these show a large discrepancies as obtained by the FLUKA.

It shows the 4 different peaks with different energies, however for the GEANT4 case the response increases smoothly.

The data was taken 2-3 times repeatedly in order to re-confirm it.


We hope that soem one can explain us about the FLUKA graphs.


Waiting for your reply,

 Dr. M. Jamil & Kim Hyeon Ki

Konkuk University,

Seoul 143-701, KOREA







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