Can't Calculate Residual Dose Rate, It always ZERO, Need Help!

From: Vahan Petrosyan <>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:55:26 +0400

Hi I tried to calculate residual dose rate according to this tutorial
but have problems.

I switched on all necessary cards (RADDECCAY, IRRPROFI, DCYTIMES,
DCYSCORE ) and linked USRBIN, RESNUCLEI scoring cards with appropriate
dacay times, and FLUKA runs without errors!

The problem that I get all ZEROS in reporting plots of USERBIN,
RESNUCLEI (in my case type Eq. Dose), and even more for any type of
scored quantity not only Eq. Dose

I also attached my input file if You have time please take a look.


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