RE: Fluka2011.2.17 released (respin of Fluka2011.2)

From: Anton Lechner <>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 09:43:22 +0000

Dear Howard,

At this stage, it would be better to rerun the jobs. Please note, that some changes in the latest respin (Fluka2011.2.17) affected the the random number sequence. Hence, it would be advisable to rerun the entire set of jobs you need.

Cheers, Anton

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Sent: 16 December 2012 17:59
Subject: Re: Fluka2011.2.17 released (respin of Fluka2011.2)

I just upgraded from Fluka2011.2.14 to Fluka2011.2.17. When I ran the =
new code, I STOPPED getting crashes in pPb collisions at LHC energies. =
It looked like the p-Nucleus bug was fixed in a release between these =
two runs. My crashes were at a level of 1 out of say 5000 events. So =
the effect was initially small. Do you think it would make sense for me =
to rerun the runs that did not crash/ In other words, do you think =
there was any systematic effect in my earlier data. It would take a =
some additional CPU time to rerun the other jobs.

Howard Matis=
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