Problem with reading external source data

From: Mohammad Islam <>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 13:35:39 -0600

Dear fluka users and experts,

I was trying to do a simple problem to score dose in two step method.
In step one I saved all the particles in an external file. In step
two, I wanted to call those source particles from an external file and
propagate it through the geometry. Initially, I had problems to read
that external file but fluka experts helped me to read it out. Now,
the problem is that I am not getting the result that I am expecting.
What it means that I am expecting a Bragg Peak in water for a 163 MeV
proton beam when I call the particles from the external file. But I
dont see a Bragg peak. I guess my problem is in the source routine.
Someone please help me in this regard. All my inputs and source
routines are already in the discussion website at the following link:

Thank you very much.

Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University
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