Re: Bug with some materials

From: <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 20:18:48 +0100

Hello Vahan,

I think this is because FLUKA does not recognize the name "URANIUM", try
with "235-U" instead (Please refer to following link

It tried your input and it goes OK with this change.

Hope it helps.

> Hi!:)
> For my interest I tried to run simulation when neutron beam hits URANIUM
> 235 and calculate Equivalent dose but I countered with very strange
> behavior.:-\
> When I set my target material to URANIUM FLUKA doesn't run, it says
> error: "ignoring input .... nohup.out", but when I change target
> material to something other for example LEAD FLUKA runs perfectly.
> My question: why does it happen?
> I attached my input file if I did something wrong please get me know.
> Thanks!
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