Insufficient space for allocation in blank common

From: Monica Huerta Parajon <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 12:42:08 +0100

Dear fluka users,

We are trying to simulate a target room for radiobiological studies with a
beam line and with concrete walls and an outside room. We have tried to
compare two different calculations of the same problem but we are obtaining
different results:


    The proton flux in the whole assembly (10x6x6 meters, 250 bins in x,y,z)

    The proton flux just in the vicinity of the beam window (45x40x40 cm,
    250 bins in x,y,z)

While 1 offers maximum values of 10E7 protons/cm2·s, 2 offers maximum
values of 10E9 protons/cm·s. We have assumed that this contradiction is due
to poor accuracy in 1 (not enough bins). However, when trying to run more
than 300 bins in x, y and z the following error appears:

  ******* Stopped in usrbin: insufficient space for allocation in blank
common *******

  We tracked down the problem and found that this message is generated
inside libflukahp.a (more precisely, usrbin.o). The question is then if a
modification of the library is required or if it can be fixed changing some
src code in the flutil package

  We would be really grateful if someone could advise us about that.

Thank you for your time


Mónica Huerta Parajón
Proton Beam Applications group
Edificio Cosimet
Paseo de Landabarri, 2, 1ª Planta
48940 Leioa - Spain
Tfno.: +34 946 07 66 41
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