RE: missing "Spawn run in many CPU's"

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 13:37:12 +0000

Hi Patrick,

the functionality is still there and a bit more easier. Now there is a column called "Spawn" on the list of runs. Just type the number of spawn jobs you want there. Enter zero (0) to remove all spawns.
Warning that the spawn naming has changed instead of _Input_## is Input_XX where XX are two letters
As well the random numbers are assigned in sequence starting from the random number assigned to the master run.

The new button that added "Loop" allows to make runs scanning over one or many variables
e.g. lets make several runs scanning in energy from 2 to 10 GeV every 2 GeV
* define a variable ENE for energy
#define ENE 2.0 (At this point the value is not so important)
* assign this variable to the beam energy (what(1) negative) in the beam card
BEAM Beam: Function E: =-ENE
Go the the Run frame create a clone run and click on the "Loop" icon
variable: ENE
start value: 2.0
end value: 10.0
step: 2.0
Click [Ok] and you will have the runs clone-1 clone-2, ... with the variable changing value
Now if you want to spawn 4 runs for each clone
Select all clones and type in the "Spawn" field 4

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Dear Fluka users,

I hope that this mail is not delivered twice.

i updated my Flair version to 1.1-1 and now i am missing the button
"Spawn run in many CPU's" under the run card. Does anybody know what
happen to this function?

Have a nice day

Patrick Dethlof
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