Giant Dipole Resonance data

From: Nicholas Bolibruch <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 16:50:01 -0600

Hello Fluka devs and users,

I am interested in the photonuclear cross sections for
Molybdenum-100 within Fluka. According to the manual it cites the
reference Fas98 ( Total Giant Resonance photonuclear cross sections for
light nuclei ) for this cross section information, however this is for
light nuclei with a Z <= 29.
Considering this paper was published in 1998, what is the current situation
regarding photonuclear cross sections? We are interested in Moly-100
targets and would like to make some activation calculations; as I can see
there is no neutron xsec data if I make a custom material card for Moly-100
(however it exists for Natural Moly).

Is calculating activation in a Moly100 target reasonable to do with Fluka's
cross section data as is or would Fluka need to be modified?

Thanks for your time,

Nicholas Bolibruch

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