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Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 02:06:16 -0700

I send you the cross section of Mo-100 used in FLUKA. Only the total cross section (the solid line) is used. The experimental data and the dotted line refer to the (gamma,n) cross section and are shown only for comparison.
I don't see any reason why FLUKA should be modified.


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Subject: Giant Dipole Resonance data

Hello Fluka devs and users,

I am interested in the photonuclear cross sections for Molybdenum-100 within Fluka. According to the manual it cites the reference Fas98 ( Total Giant Resonance photonuclear cross sections for light nuclei ) for this cross section information, however this is for light nuclei with a Z <= 29.
Considering this paper was published in 1998, what is the current situation regarding photonuclear cross sections? We are interested in Moly-100 targets and would like to make some activation calculations; as I can see there is no neutron xsec data if I make a custom material card for Moly-100 (however it exists for Natural Moly).

Is calculating activation in a Moly100 target reasonable to do with Fluka's cross section data as is or would Fluka need to be modified?

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