RE: Problem with Isotope decay in SOURCE card

From: Fabio Pozzi <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 14:11:23 +0000

Dear Francesco,

ISOTOPE card is ok for you purpose. I had a very quick look to your input file and it seems that you are missing the DCYSCORE card (Semi analogue) associated to your USRBIN scoring cards.

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Subject: Problem with Isotope decay in SOURCE card

I am building up a simulation (see attachment) for radioprotection purpose during intraoperative surgery. For this goal, I need a static
Y-90 source. I have tried to implement it choosing ISOTOPE in SOURCE card followed by a HI-PROPE. However, in such a manner fluka seems not to make it decay (RADDECAY is obviously activated), generating the father isotope and no secondaries.
Conversely, if I select HEAVY-BEAM in the source card everything seems to work fine.
Is it a bug, or am I making some mistake?!
I was told to use ISOTOPE for decaying static isotopes Thank you all Francesco
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