RE: FLUKA error return code

From: Anton Lechner <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 12:31:57 +0000


>From an offline discussion with Joe, I understood that the problem could be resolved by simplifying long region expressions.

In this context, I also would like to refer to an old discussion on the FLUKA list, where a similar problem (with Error RC=34304) was encountered ( The error code might point to the fact that array limits are exceeded due to too many terms in region definitions. In this case, a simplification of region definitions might cure the problem.

Cheers, Anton

From: [] on behalf of Joe Mildenberger []
Sent: 04 June 2013 21:32
Subject: FLUKA error return code

During "geometry Debug" in a flair session, the debugger finishes with
an error, but only gives a return code so I do not know what the problem is.

The only debugger message is "Errors found RC=34304"

Also, I do have one clue from the flair output window:

======================= Running FLUKA for cycle # 1 =======================
/triumfcs/linux/fluka/fluka/2011.2.17/flutil/rfluka: line 358: 5712
Aborted (core dumped) "${EXE}" < "$INPN" 2> "$LOGF" >

But I still don't really know what to investigate to determine the problem.

Can anyone tell me either what this error code means, or what the
message in the flair output window means?

Thanks for any help!

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