RE: Thermal analysis of power deposited in a beam dump - using info from usrbin

From: Anton Lechner <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 15:40:51 +0000

Dear Mina,

In order to perform a thermo-mechanical analysis in ANSYS, it seems to be perfectly possible to use *3D* energy density data from USRBINs. Talking to one of our ANSYS experts, there appears however to be no out-of-the box solution to directly import the data, but one needs to write a custom-made script within ANSYS.

To me it seems that loading 2D maps is not the preferred method if dealing with a 3D problem (except if your problem includes some symmetry which basically reduces it to a 2D one, e.g. a round beam impacting on a cylinder).

Cheers, Anton

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Subject: Thermal analysis of power deposited in a beam dump - using info from usrbin

Hello everyone,

I am working on the shielding design/assessment of a 100 kW electron
beam dump.

For thermal analysis and design of cooling for the dump insert, I score
the deposited energy (by all particles) in the beam dump using a
usrbin. I also look at the total deposited energy in various regions
of the dump.

Does anyone have experience in how the data from the usrbin is used in
Ansys or Cosmos? I know I can generate a number of 2D data files
showing the deposited energy for a slice in the third dimension. But I
am not sure this is the way to go. I seem to recall someone mentioning
at the most recent advanced course that there is another intermediary
step. Is this the case? Any help/advice is appreciated.

Thanks and best wishes,
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