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From: Popescu, Razvan <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2013 17:03:37 +0000

Hi Palma,

If by Grid you mean running on a compute cluster, I can share the attached scripts that I've created to automate submitting parallel jobs to our local cluster.
Out cluster uses SGE as workload manager but I've needed very (!) minor adjustments to use it on a PBS managed resource. I guess few other queuing systems would need the same minor level of effort to adapt...

Here is how it works:
- Firstly, you get a Fluka input ready and test it with a short Flair run. Make sure it contains a RANDOMIZ card.
- The queuing system requires a script to control your data processing - that is what's usually "submitted" to the system.
- The script you submit to your workload management system is "SGEfluka". Read its header to see what options and parameters it uses. In brief, it allows you to change the number of partic. histories to run, the number of cycles per run, or use a custom executable (needed when employing user routines) -- all without needing to touch the "master" input file. The script will prepare the working sub-dir (to keep it clean and allow parallel runs without overlapping the results!), place a copy of the input file in there, adjust its RANDOMIZ card to seed a unique rand sequence, eventually change the no of primaries, and start the run.
- You need to use "SGEfluka" as script to run in your system specific "qsub" command.
- To facilitate our interaction with our local SGE wrkld mgmt syst, I've created the "runSGEfluka" script to hide all SGE specific features and place the correct submit call. Look inside to see what it does and how is used (it's just a wrapper).

- Finally, if your workstation runs Flair and also it is capable to submit jobs to the local cluster, try the alternative "FlairSubmit" script as a "queue" command inside Flair, to launch your Flair spawned subjobs as tasks on the local cluster (need to add it to Flair preferences - I can give you the details). You'll spawn subjobs in Flair (Run pannel), pick the cluster "queue" from the submenu below and when run, the tasks will execute on the cluster...

Let me know if you need addt'l details.


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Dear users,

I need to run my FLUKA application on Grid, does anybody know a possible way to do this?
Is there a tutorial?


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