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The following job opening may be of interest to some of the FLUKA users:;jsessionid=0E1B8C64963CC63812E81D11AA04B0E1.NA10_primary_jvm?org=SLAC&cws=1&rid=1041



P.S. Please address questions or applications through the above
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  National Accelerator Laboratory is a multipurpose laboratory for
astrophysics, photon science, accelerator and particle physics
research. The Radiation Protection Department (RPD) at SLAC is
responsible for providing oversight for the safe operation of all
radiological work at SLAC and performs shielding calculations for beam
lines, experiments and facilities. RPD is currently seeking a Health
  Health Physicist (HP) for this position will be a member of the
Radiation Physics Group (RPG) in the RPD responsible for providing
support and technical expertise for design of Radiation Safety Systems
for SLAC accelerators and beam lines (shielding, access control system,
beam containment system, and radiation monitoring system) as well as the
  support and oversight for safe radiological operations of
facilities/projects assigned to him/her. These include the Linac
Coherent Light Source (LCLS), LCLS-II, the Stanford Synchrotron
Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) and the Facilities for Accelerator Science
and Experimental Test Beams (FACET) and other experimental and test
facilities at SLAC.
        The main responsibilities of this HP position are to:
        1) Provide expertise and support for the assigned accelerator facilities
and/or beam lines by:

  solutions and solving usersΉ technical radiation safety issues by
providing a high level of expert knowledge, in a straightforward,
positive and proactive manner
  closely with experimenters, beam line and accelerator physicists and
engineers and users in radiation hazard identification, safety analysis,
  and specifying appropriate controls in support of operations
  calculations for shielding, induced radioactivity and dose to
personnel, equipment and the environment using Monte Carlo and
analytical computer codes
                 Planning and supervising radiation measurements for commissioning and
monitoring radiation levels during operations
  support and oversight for safe radiological operations by developing
operating procedures, establishing protocols, and monitoring operational
  safety, in conjunction with the cognizant safety offices and operation
managers in line organizations
  support in the design and safe operation of Access Control Systems and
active and passive systems to contain radiation
  service in understanding and avoiding or minimizing radiation
background in experimental detectors and radiation and beam damage to
equipment and samples.

  Use, maintain and develop Monte Carlo radiation generating and
transport and analytic computer codes for radiological studies.
  Participate actively in research and development activities in
radiation/health physics in support of the overall SLAC mission and
publish R&D results.
        4) Participate in committees that develop and/or review the radiation
safety aspects of facilities, programs or projects.
  Participate in the development of the radiation protection program at
SLAC which involves formulation of internal policies, procedures and
writing technical basis documents.
  the successful candidate has sufficient expertise to perform the full
range of responsibilities as described above, hire at the 3P4 level.
  This is a 24 month Fixed Term position that can be extended upon
availability of funding and mutual agreement or could convert to a
Regular, Continuing position at SLAC.
Qualifications:€ Ph.D. in radiation physics, nuclear engineering, health
physics or a related field.
   Knowledge of shielding design, activation calculations, dosimetry, and
  radiation safety systems used in accelerator facilities.
€ At
least 2 years of experience in the use of Monte Carlo radiation
generation and transport codes such as FLUKA, MARS15, PHITS, or MCNPX
for shielding design and radiological studies.
€ Excellent computer programming skills on various operating systems and
€ Excellent interpersonal skills and a team player with strong proactive,
collaborative, positive and supportive attitude.
   Demonstrated ability to interact with technical and administrative
staff, managers and users effectively in a national laboratory.
Applicant should able to work effectively and efficiently, both
independently and within a team, and have the ability to work extended
hours when necessary.
€ Strong oral and written communication skills are required.Desired
Skills:€ Good
working knowledge and at least 5 years of experience in design and
implementation of shielding, activation calculations, dosimetry and
radiation safety systems for accelerators or synchrotron radiation
€ Knowledge and in-depth experience in the use of Monte
  Carlo radiation generation and transport codes for shielding design and
  radiological studies in accelerators and/or synchrotron radiation
€ Working knowledge of nuclear instrumentation and radiation survey
€ Experience with general operational radiation protection programs.
€ Working knowledge of lasers and/or plasma physics is a plus.

  the successful candidate has extensive experience and expertise in both
  the required and desired skills listed above, hire at the 3P4 level.
        Please Note: The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
  values diversity and is an affirmative action, equal opportunity
employer. SLAC confirms employment authorization for all new hires
through the E-Verify Program.

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